A few words from past clients

This website is a great resource for buyers and sellers in Panama City Beach. But we go further. Between our knowledge of the Panama City Beach real estate market, the condominiums and waterfront properties we sell, our negotiating skills, mortgage knowledge, contacts in the industry, short sale experience, the list goes on.

A solid business believes in taking care of its clients. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers receive the best service. In this business there are vast differences in the quality of the representation provided by different agents. We believe one of the best ways to demonstrate this is through the words of those we have worked with in the past.

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  • Lilya Ushakov

    Chris knows Panama City Beach real estate market better then anybody. He is a skilled listener and negotiator, keeps his client best interest in sharp focus. We were very pleased with his work.

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  • Steve

    We closed on our PCB condo today. Chris was an exceptional resource and walked us through every step. His knowledge of the area is unparalleled. I can not say enough...Thank you Chris!

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  • Rob Adams

    Chris is an honest, hard working real-estate agent. Chris gave good advice through the sales process of my 2-bedroom at Ocean Villa and was good at explaining the pros and cons of decisions that could go either way. He was always responsive, even as the Hurricane ripped through Panama City Beach. If I bought or sold a condo in Panama City Beach again, I would definitely use Chris.

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  • Al Johnson

    I listed two units at the Summit with Chris. They were slightly over priced, but I was willing to wait. Chris told me I wouldn't get continual low ball offers asking to lower price. He assured me we were close enough. Sure enough we soon had an acceptable offer. Chris checked their financing since the sale price was over the appraisal price so they were prepared for that problem.
    I told him to raise the price on the second unit by 10% and had the same result as first unit sale. It took a few months longer with the price increase, but again we got the asking price.
    Chris handled all problems and paperwork without me even having to return to PCB. I'm very satisfied with his service and do recommend him for selling property on the beach.

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  • Wayne Hults

    My name is Wayne Hults. Chris was a godsend in helping me choose a condo. We ended up with a beautiful condo that had upgraded tile and was professionally decorated at Calypso towers. I could not make it down for closing so Chris handled everything for us at closing. He also gave us options and advice selecting a good management company.
    My family and me came down in March and looked at 5 or 6 units. I made my choice and Chris helped through the whole process. He simply the best at what he does.

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  • Bill Hammond

    Richmond, VA, USA

    Chris was right with his recommendations and guidance from the very beginning. He helped us ready our property for sale and then provided advice all along as offers were received. There is no doubt he knows the PCB real estate market and is extremely experienced in the real estate sales process. We would definitely work with Chris again. Thanks again for selling our 3 bedroom condo at Sterling Breeze condominium.

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  • Libby Yearty

    P C BEACH, FL 32407, USA

    We have worked with Chris several times on the purchase of Condos in Panama City Beach. Both times he has been very patient as we were not exactly sure what we were looking for. He showed us multiple properties multiple times until we found the right ones. Once we decided to move forward he was relentless in getting the properties for the right price. He is very direct and to the point and does not play sales games. Most of all he listens. He is very knowledgeable about PCB as well as every property’s HOA and financial positions. Chris is a great, hardworking realtor that will stay on top of your transaction from beginning to end. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

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  • Carole and Bill Drinkwater

    Freeport, FL, USA

    We just want to thank you for listing our condo unit at Tidewater and the closing on the unit. All your work on getting pictures and the showing of our unit was done very professionally. Your advice on the price (not the highest or the lowest) at the time we listed the unit was RIGHT ON. You kept us informed on the same types of unit that were for sale and how the showings were going. We were very happy you found us a buyer in such a short time because we did not think it would sell that fast. We also did not expect to sell for full asking price.
    Thank you Chris for your knowledge in selling condos in the Panama City Beach area. Anyone who wants to sell their condo would be a fool not to hire you.
    Thanks again Chris,

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  • Don Smallwood

    Flowery Branch, GA, USA

    My wife and I had thought about selling our condo since we did not rent and was not using it very much. But we had made no effort to do so. I got an e-mail from Chris saying he had someone that was interested in purchasing a condo in our building at Ocean Villa. I called Chris we talked and he went to work----it was no time until we had a deal that buyer and seller could live with. This guy knows what to do he knows the market,he is honest with buyer and seller and takes care of loose ends. I would highly recommend Chris,he is a real estate professional.

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  • Jackie Stermon

    Arlington, KY 42021, USA

    I received a letter in the mail from Chris stating he had a buyer interested in buying a 4 bedroom condo in Panama City beach Florida and I was wanting to sell my 4 bedroom condo.I contacted Chris and he was very straightforward, honest and knowledgeable. With his help he had my condo sold for the price I needed within 2 weeks we were closing.Chris also knew I wanted to reinvest that money into a different condo and he then helped me purchase a condo that will become a profitable rental income property for me . I highly recommend Chris to help anyone sell or buy property. Chris is helpful, honest, hardworking knowledgeable realtor goes above and beyond at his job. Chris makes buying or selling property without any problems.

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  • Brad Beasley

    Athens, AL, USA

    We have used the same Panama City Beach rental management company for the past seven years for our first beach condo. They recommended Chris to us for help in finding our second beach condo. Chris is very knowledgeable about PCB beachfront properties and he educates and informs buyers about the strengths and weaknesses of each property. What sets him apart from other realtors is he is very straight forward and helps you rule out less desirable properties because he's not afraid to tell the good and the bad. He will help you to make the best purchasing decision whether it's for a rental investment or for a second home. He helped us find and purchase a great condo at a great price!

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  • Michael Harlow

    We were looking to purchase a beachfront rental condo to get started in the rental business. The initial try at finding one was fruitless, as the Realtor just whisked us from building to building "showing" one unit after another. Realizing that this method wasn't going anywhere we began searching the internet for someone with the prerequisite knowledge to find us what we were searching for. After reading many of these testimonials we decide to call Chris, what a difference the right person can make. After a short phone call of Chris asking pertinent questions as to our goals for owning something on the beach, he made a plan and identified the building and unit stack that suited our desires. Chris not only knows the Panama City Beach real estate and rental markets, but also knows the specifics about each building, HOAs, finances and sales, making the search so much easier and fruitful. He also was able to get us through the interesting Florida Condo Mortgage process thoroughly and swiftly. On closing day, during the unit walk through, we found the previous owner scavenging the unit attempting to remove many items from the "as-is" sale, Chris put an immediate halt to all of this pettiness and we noticed what appeared to be recent water damage along a run of baseboards, Chris went to the HOA building CAM and had them investigate the issue (behind the walls and on the floor above) until we were satisfied that there was not an ongoing water leak issue. Chris Arnold is the absolute best Realtor we could have found! From the initial phone call through closing and beyond (we plan to do this again soon) there is none better!

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  • Brett Cumberland

    Hinsdale, IL, USA

    My wife and I had been thinking about a second home / rental property in Florida for a couple years and settled on the Destin / PCB area. But the realities of finding just the right place given our time and geographical constraints were tough, let alone trying to find someone to help. I discussed this with a friend who has lived in the area for years who stopped me short and said there was only one guy to call: Chris Arnold.
    He was absolutely right. From the beginning Chris listened to what we were looking for, where we were looking and why, and wasn’t afraid to ask those questions necessary to make us think. Invariably this saved us all a lot of time and trouble. While we strayed a bit from our initial goal of a ‘pure’ investment condo, our end decision is one I’m convinced we’ll be happier with over the long run.
    Chris is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate and rental markets, but also knows the specifics of the various condo buildings, HOAs, CAMs and sales. He is also very well established in the community and has a range of contacts he works with often that made this process relatively easy---both during and since the purchase!
    Like many of the people posting comments here we were not first time home buyers. But in my experience I’ve never had a real estate agent that was as experienced, honest and helpful as Chris. Every decision we made was our own, but he was there every step of the way providing timely and constructive insights that enabled us to get the place we wanted. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough---if you’re looking you should definitely give him a call.

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  • Doris Linehan

    Halifax, NS, Canada

    We have dealt with many realtors over the years for both personal and investment properties. Chris has been one of the most pleasurable to work with. He provides a no pressure atmosphere when viewing properties, yet keeps us in check when we stray from our goals. The knowledge and statistical data he brings to the table provides you with the necessary information to arrive at an informed, fair valued purchase decision. As we are from Canada, Chris was also able to assist us with navigating specific issues relating to foreign ownership in the US. He was also effective at resolving any issues that arose during the purchase process and kept our stress level low in doing so. It has been a pleasure working with Chris and look forward to working with him again in the future.

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  • Mary Canaday

    Chris is absolutely the BEST at what he does! We've had bad experiences with every realtor we've dealt with in the past. We've been lied to on more than once occasion by an agent trying to make a sale. Chris has totally restored our faith in finding a realtor who truly has your best interest at heart.

    We live in Alabama and had contacted two realtors in the Panama City Beach area when we began our search for a condo. The other agents seemed to have no interest in our needs or wants; we couldn't even get a response (text, email or phone call) from them. Then we found Chris' page and were able to begin our search in earnest. The information on his website is comparable to none. We were able to narrow our search based on the criteria that met our needs based on the information we found on his site before we even contacted him.

    Chris put aside weekends to help us look when we were able to go down. He was in constant contact with us, but NEVER with any pressure. He already knew the answer to most of our questions and if he didn't, he was immediately on the phone finding out for us. He was patient, courteous and so very helpful through the whole process. We found the perfect condo for us and Chris made reaching our dream of owning it a reality. No question was too small or insignificant, no matter how crazy it seemed at the time. He settled our fears when we got nervous. He made the closing process seem like a walk in the park!

    There is absolutely no other real estate agent who compares in Panama City Beach, or elsewhere for that matter! THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!! When you thank him for going over and beyond, he only replies, "This is what I do." Thank you Chris for EVERYTHING during our search and purchase of our condo. We honestly couldn't have done it (at least not with keeping our sanity in tact) without you! YOU ARE THE BEST AT "WHAT YOU DO!" My only regret? That you aren't able to teach other realtors how it's done!

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  • Donald A Wojcik

    Panama City Beach, FL, USA

    Chris is a true professional. Chris showed he cared about my wife & I and this most important decision about living in a condo. We found Chris through his top notch web site. During the sales process Chris listened, asked probing questions and then made sure we all were on the same page as to what my wife and I were looking for in a condo.
    He was patient with us as we visited several complexes. We not only saw units but interviewed several complex managers. Once we focused on the complex then Chris walked us through the available units. Chris was in constant communications with us during negotiations and closing.
    We will use Chris again when we start to purchase rental units.

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  • Selina Church

    When we decided to purchase a condo in the PCB area one of my concerns was that I was not familiar with the local market and I wanted to make sure that I was working with someone that was an expert on the real estate market in that area. I came across Chris Arnold's newsletter and thought "this guy really knows the market". Let me say that he did not disappoint.Not only is he familiar with various developments, he could tell you the floor plans available and anticipated rents from particular units. Very impressive!

    After we decided to make an offer on a unit, Chris continued to stay on top of everything from the inspection process, helping with financing needs, insurance, and basically any question that I had he had the answer.Not only is he a wealth of information, he is a true professional as well.

    I would not recommend anyone but Chris Arnold for your real estate needs in the PCB area.

    Thanks Chris for everything!

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  • Gary Davis

    Dickson, TN, USA

    My wife and I started looking at PCB condos on the internet in 2011. We came across the market updates Chris sends out and were impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. We met him and looked at several buildings that met our specific preferences. He presented his ideas without any sales pressure at all.

    We made several offers in 2011-2012 for various units. None were able to close due to short sales, price point, ect. We kept watching the MLS and decided to reenter the market in 2014. We were able to contract a unit that fit our needs but the sellers backed out and let the unit be foreclosed.

    With His help we purchased the unit at foreclosure and have renovated it. He was very helpful with decorators, rental managers, title insurance, utilities, ect. In short, he went beyond the call of duty. We now have the unit we wanted at a very good price and would highly recommend Chris. Coincidentally, after some 4 years, we purchased in the very 1st building Chris recommended. The man has the patience and works hard for his money!

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  • Ken Morse

    Panama City Beach, FL, USA

    Buying a home today can be a challenging experience if you do not have the correct professional guiding you. Chris is not just a realtor, he is a professional that represents the reality industry and works for his clients. To have someone that represents your best interest and knows up to the date information with regards to selling and buying property is not very common in todays business environment. Chris kept us well informed and guided us through every step of our discussion making process, insuring we would be delighted with our end result, our home.

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  • John Smith

    Charleston, IL, USA

    After 7 years of no action whatsoever on selling our condo, Chris Arnold was recommended to me and my partner. I called Chris in March and he said he would have it sold by end of summer. I was a little concerning because we were wanting considerably more than another identical floor plan foreclosure in our building. They were only asking $314,900. Chris impressed us with his knowledge of condos and explanations of how he would accomplish the sale of our condo. We signed up but we're leery because, like I said, we had no action for 7 years. Come July Chris had us an offer very close to what we were hoping to get. The sales price was $375,000 (almost 20% more than the foreclosure had recently sold for). We made all of the decisions, but he would give guidance, insight, and recommendations through each step of the process. You could tell that he was always looking out for our best interest. The closing went off without a hitch and Chris was on top of it the whole way. Very professional and honest, we highly recommend Chris as your selling agent.
    John Smith
    Tony Robison

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  • Ivan Popov

    I found Chris through his real estate blog when I was looking into purchasing a condo in PCB. After setting up an appointment, I drove to Panama City to meet him. Chris went above and beyond to show me around. Unlike many other agents, he did not pressure me to purchase, but gave me his honest opinion about each unit we went through. He is highly knowledgeable, professional, and easy to communicate with. I have been very pleased with the condo he found for me and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks again Chris!

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  • Pilar Seretti

    We bought a condo in Boardwalk a couple of years ago and Chris was very helpful and professional. We loved working with him so much that we are in the process of buying our second condo. He is very knowledgeable and will always answer our questions. I will highly recommend him!!

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  • Brent & Rhonda Collins

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    When we decided that we wanted to purchase a condo in PCB the first thing we needed to due was find a good agent. With no connections in the area this was like throwing darts at a wall. All kinds of real estate companies with pictures of their agents with smiling faces but little other information. We had discovered this site earlier and had been using it for reference so we figured that anyone who wrote all these blogs and made all these charts would have to be very knowledgeable of the local condo market. We were not disappointed, Chris guided us to not just which buildings did best rentals but also which floor plans were most popular with renters. We then found ourselves putting more emphasis on what we liked and wanted for ourselves and Chris was able to combine these and in the end we got in the building we liked the best with a floor plan that rents the best. Chris is also an aggressive negotiator who gets his clients the best price even though it lowers his commission. He has also remained in contact with us a couple weeks after our closing making sure everything was going smoothly while we were visiting our condo at new years. If we decide to buy another condo some day we will certainly use Chris again.

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  • Rob Allen

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    I found Chris's real estate blog and was impressed by the information he posted and the fact that he kept his blog current. I asked him a few questions and found him to be very knowledgeable about Panama City Beach condo real estate. I had already chosen the building I wanted to be in, so we got to work finding the right unit and the right price. Chris is a real go-getter and worked tirelessly for me, making sure all of the details were taken care of and that I understood everything. He even spent over an hour on the phone with me going over the contract line by line until I completely understood it. Chris is also a numbers guy, which I think is an asset in a real estate agent. We ended up with a great condo and we are very happy owners.

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  • Alistair MacKay

    We just finished closing on our first condo in PCB. We spent several months getting nowhere with another Realtor, struggling to get information and feedback at every step. We withdrew our offer, switched to Chris and the difference was immediately noticeable. We were kept informed and more importantly were given the advice we needed to make the right decisions. I think what impressed me most was the after sales assistance - I am sure most first time condo buyers are in a similar position to us; from out of town, limited local knowledge and really not sure where to go to get the simple things taken care off - the cable, phone, electric, remodel, rental management etc. Chris took care of us on all these things when I guess technically he could have said that his job was done when we closed. That is what stood out for me and it is the reason that we will continue to use him for all our PCB real estate needs and will recommend him to anyone that asks.

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  • Richard Davis

    Many of the comments on this site have mentioned how Chris Arnold's Market Knowledge, Realistic Pricing, and Process Knowledge helped them on the SELLER side of a short sale transaction. Those same factors are just as important on the BUYER side of a short sale.

    I first became aware of Chris from his newsletter. As out-of-town buyers, we were able to "stay current" with prices, sales volume, and issues with the various developments by keeping up with his publication. We were able to quickly narrow our search, and recently closed on a 3BR unit on Thomas Drive.

    The short sale process unfolded just as Chris had described - we made a sensible, market-based offer and the duration from offer to closing was just under the 90 days he had predicted. Having an agent who understands the "pace" of sales in each development is important in a normal market. It is crucial in today's abnormal market conditions. Chris has that understanding.

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  • Wade

    Huntsville, AL, USA

    My search for a condo began almost a year ago. I had contacted several realtors that didn't really give me much advice they just want to show me condos. Chris was the first one that actually give me advice on what to look for,what not to look for, and specific questions about condo properties to ask that didn't even cross my mind. Chris was never pushy or tried to rush me in my decision and simply give me the pros and cons of each complex.

    Once I finally decided on a condo Chris help me negotiate my contract for over a month. He walked me through comparable condos and the background on the condominium associations.
    I figured once the contract was submitted everything will be fine, but the title company messed up paperwork left and right. Chris oversaw everything and handled every issue that arose. He made sure that I saw the HUD prior to the closing and made sure that I understood every word of it. He Stopped everyone in their tracks that had tried to delay my closing. He also make sure that I did not pay more than I was supposed to be at closing, even though the title company tried to slip some in fees. He actually saved me a lot of money and when I buy another condo I will buy from Chris Arnold.

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  • Dave and Sue

    Illinois, USA

    We were lucky to have chosen Chris to be our agent when we made our recent condo purchase. His knowledge, attention to detail and service after the sale went above and beyond. Our purchase was done entirely with computers and phone calls. Chris explained everything that was happening very thoroughly making sure we knew what was taking place. There was never a e-mail or phone call that was not returned in a timely fashion which seems rare these days. There is no doubt we would recommend him to our friends and family.

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  • Nell and Steve

    Lynchburg, TN, USA

    My wife and I are investors and sold our condo in Destin last year. We decided to look for another condo in Panama City Beach. While online searching condos we received an email from Chris because he could see that we had looked at condo's on his website. After talking with Chris for just a few minutes I knew he was a savvy advocate for the investor. We scheduled a trip to PCB and met with Chris. He showed us several condos that met with our criteria and over a period of a few weeks after returning home we settled on one condo that we wanted to make an offer on. Chris had a great knowledge of market prices and negotiating strategy. Once we made our decision of which condo we wanted he walked us through the entire process and helped us negotiate the very best deal we could given the market conditions. We really appreciate his dedication to helping us find the right condo, his responsiveness via phone and email and advice on a lot of topics. I can assure you that if you use Chris as your realtor he will work his tail off for you so you too can find that perfect property that meets your needs.

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  • Jeremy

    Memphis, TN, USA

    I first contacted Chris in early 2013. After nearly 8 months of correspondence we were able to close on our gulf front condo in October of 2013. Chris is a wealth of knowledge in the PCB real estate market. Not to mention, his website is the best there is by far. He was very informative in the entire process. He really worked hard to find us the "perfect deal"! From the beginning all the way to the closing table, and even after the sale Chris was always there to answer our questions. After we closed on the condo, I had several questions. Chris was very responsive, and more than willing to find the answers I needed. Thanks Chris for a great experience!

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  • Ross L

    Ontario, Canada

    As a Canadian, I first became interested in purchasing a Panama City Beach condo back in 2011. My goal was to find a condo that my family could use from time to time and that would be otherwise suitable to rent on a short term basis.

    I spent many hours on the internet and attended several Florida Real Estate seminars researching how best a Canadian would structure a purchase of a US vacation/rental property. The internet offers up a vast array of information both from layman and professional sources. However, the layman sources seem to be a confusing mix of opinions based either on personal experiences or simply from layman interpretations of other internet sites. Professional sources were generally lacking in useful information and seemed mostly to be marketing tools designed to convince one to purchase professional services. Real Estate seminars generally spoke to the great deals to be had in Florida; however, these too had a biased message in that specific developments in specific locations were being pitched. All in all, these sources of information proved very unsatisfactory leading to a conflicted state of mind as to the wisdom of purchasing US property. Out of frustration, I mostly abandoned the idea for about a year.

    I came across Chris Arnolds web site in late 2012. I noticed that instead of just the usual hype and cookie sheet listings of property features, amenities, prices etc., Chris has written several very interesting analytical articles concerning the state of the PCB real estate market. It seemed to me that these projected a very objective appraisal and showed a clear insight into the market that I had not observed elsewhere. I decided to call Chris to discuss my goals.

    Over the course of several phone conversations and several weeks, Chris and I discussed what I was looking for in a condo. From these conversations, my immediate impression was that Chris genuinely wanted to help me fulfill my real estate objectives. However, I soon learned that he will also let you know in a very straightforward, but polite and friendly manner, when your goals are unrealistic or are based on misinformation, and he seemed able to quickly back up his thoughts with solid facts. As others have mentioned I noted that Chris does not like to waste his or your time and his approach is very professional, honest and forthright.

    I indicated to Chris that I was serious about purchasing a unit that I perceived was right for my personal use and rental objectives, and that was within my budget. Chris sensed immediately my confusion and insecurity about how to proceed and indicated that he would be happy to spend a few full days with me without obligation, to discuss my goals and look at units with various floor plans that might work. As a Canadian, totally unfamiliar with US real estate practices, he indicated that he could educate me on the function of Title companies and the legal processes and obligations of the seller and purchaser in the purchase equation. I found it interesting that Chris stressed on several occasions that there was absolutely no hurry in purchasing a unit as in his opinion, prices would remain stable for some time. This certainly appeared contrary to the message I have received from agents in the past. I am a very cautious person, but was so comfortable with our discussions so far, that in early February 2013 I decided to take a leap of faith and drive down from Toronto Canada to PCB to take Chris up on his offer!

    Upon meeting Chris we again reviewed in more detail my personal vacation use and rental objectives. Chris created a plan wherein he would show up with 7 or 8 listings each morning. He explained that his selection of units was intended to show the variety of floor plan, building locations, amenities and so on that he felt might generally met my stated objectives. As we drove to view each unit, Chris discussed many other intangible but very important factors to consider in purchasing a condo, such as the quality of the condo HOA, the health of the condo Reserve Funds, and because of my rental goals, the importance of a successful on-site rental management company with strong rental histories etc. I was very impressed as Chris has an incredible wealth of knowledge about all of the buildings in PCB. This is information you dont get by viewing listing information and pictures! He can quickly tell you which buildings to consider and which to avoid and when questioned, has all the facts at his fingertips to back up his reasoning.

    Over a period of 3 days we looked at over 20 units! One of the buildings, Boardwalk looked very attractive and had a great rental history. At that time 5 foreclosures suddenly appeared for units in Boardwalk. Chris was able to give me a history on the foreclosures, what they were likely to sell for, and the time frame they were likely to sell. This is one time I wish Chris had pushed a little harder to encourage me to put in a quick offer as sure enough there were purchase contracts on the best 3 of the 5 units by the next morning! Chris was correct in his assessment.

    We then looked at Gulf Crest Resort Condominium which Chris felt might be a good fit as he explained they had a great on-site rental management company that allowed owners to also book rentals but that they would still manage at a much reduced fee. This would be a perfect scenario as I have experience renting out a property in Canada using an internet service. When I viewed the unit, I felt it had by far the most attractive floor plan (even superior to Boardwalk) that I had seen!

    I wanted to make an offer but was still racked by indecision. At this point Chris reviewed the Florida laws that guaranteed purchasers three business days following receipt of several official disclosures from buyer to exit a purchase contract. He produced the standard real estate purchase contracts mandated by Florida Law and pointed out the very explicit language on this specific matter. Noting my anxiety, Chris once again emphasized that if I did not want to proceed at this time, there would be equally good deals in the future.

    I decided to proceed with an offer and Chris suggested an amount that was considerably less than the asking price. The sellers made a counter which I was quite happy to accept. However, Chris encouraged me to counter again, explaining that some sellers like to feel as if there was a struggle to get to an agreement. The seller agreed to a contract but as Chris suspected, then changed their mind and wanted to renegotiate. Without specific details, Chris handled all correspondence with the sellers agent on the matter, and made it clear that we intended to pursue the purchase as it stood. The seller finally agreed so Chris got us through to the closing table!

    Even though Chris had officially made the sale, there were other issues having nothing to do with the real estate transaction that Chris continued to resolve on our behalf. For one, the local power company required a $250 deposit to transfer power to a new account but their systems were not able to accept Canadian visa account numbers! As there was an existing older couple renting the condo at close, there was a chance their power would be cut off un-expectantly during their stay. Chris immediately said he would take care of it. He drove to the power company, established an account for the unit in his name, and paid the deposit until we were able to visit to resolve the issue a few weeks later!

    As you might guess from the above comments, we are extremely delighted with our new condo, and as Canadians, know we could not have pulled it off without the expert guidance of Chris. If you are looking for a PCB condo, I heartily endorse Chris and am confident he will serve you as well as he did us.

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  • Elayne

    Panama City, FL 32408, USA

    Chris Arnold is a fantastic real estate professional.
    We visited Panama City Beach for the first time in December, 2012 and fell in love with the emerald green water and sugar white sand. We wondered if it would be possible for us to own our own piece of paradise. We saw Chris's web site and contacted him. He has an encyclopedic knowledge about every condominium in PCB, and his depth of knowledge of the market is astonishing. Chris showed us several condos and quickly understood exactly what we were looking for. He took complete charge of the process and a few months later we are the proud owners of a gulf front condo absolutely perfect for us. Chris has a very relaxed style, but beneath that demeanor he is a tireless and intense negotiator working to get you the best deal possible.
    We highly recommend Chris Arnold for all your real estate needs. We are convinced there is no one better than Chris!

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  • Stanley Smith

    from Carrollton, GA

    Chris did an excellent job helping me buy a condo in PCB. He took care of everything
    and knew the people to contact for everything needed in my purchase. He looked after
    my interest and explained every step in the process. Chris knowledge of the condo market
    in PCB is the best I have been associated with. If you are interested in purchasing a condo in
    PCB you definitely need to contact Chris Arnold. Chris thanks again for all your hard work.

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  • Jack

    I had a condo I wanted to sell and contacted Chris. I was impressed with Chris from the first phone call. Five minutes on the phone with this guy and you know he knows the Panama City Beach market. He not only told me the price range the condo was likely to sell; he explained what was likely to happen in the year to come. When my condo went under contract the appraisal came back low. The buyer came back and wanted to lower the price. Chris did not pressure me. He just explained the pros and cons. We ended up staying at the contract price and closing was a breeze. I know this has already been said in other posts but, Chris took care of EVERYTHING. If you need help with property in Panama City Beach, I would highly recommend Chris.

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  • Jennifer & Dennis

    We just wanted to give you a quick note to thank you for your help with the recent purchase of our condo at Sterling Breeze in PCB. As we've already mentioned to you, we were extremely impressed with your consistent professionalism. You always returned every phone call – and promptly we might add! It is sad to say but that is not always the case.
    We were also VERY happy with your communication with us regarding every aspect of the units history on rentals in the past, feedback etc. We would be very happy to recommend you to any of my friends who might be looking for a Realtor. Thank you again!

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  • David C.

    Like Tom H., I also was extremely upside down on my condo at Grand Panama Resort. I drove down and met with Chris and felt very comfortable with his knowledge of the "Short Sale" process and real estate in the Panama City Beach area.

    Chris recommended an attorney, handled everything with the bank; and took care of 100% of the paperwork during this process. If anyone needs to "Short Sale" their property, USE Chris Arnold.

    Short URL:
  • Tom H.

    Chris was an excellent Realtor during my short sale. I found Chris on the internet and was somewhat hesitant to use him at first. Not because of anything he did, but because I was so far upside down in my condo,
    I did not think anyone could help me. He assured me up front that he would be able to handle my transaction. The plus side was I had a beautiful condo at Grand Panama. Not far into the process, I needed an attorney.
    Chris communicated with the attorney and took care of “EVERYTHING”. His knowledge of the Panama City Beach real estate market and real estate in general is second to none. I strongly recommend Chris Arnold
    for any real estate needs you may have – buying or selling.

    Short URL:
  • sid coleman

    Chris did a great job with the short sale of my condo. I especially appreciated him keeping me up to date by email and phone calls. We had a goal of selling our unit before year's end and Chris accomplished this for me.
    Thanks, Chris

    Short URL:
  • Teresa Reynolds

    Chris is very knowledgeable about the entire PCB real estate process from the current trends in the condo market, to mortgages and lenders, to title companies, insurance companies and inspectors. He is a true professional. Chris was always available to answer questions and never pressured us. He listened to what we liked and disliked and helped us find the perfect condo for our family.

    Short URL:
  • Paul Modica

    My wife and I recently used Chris to sell our PCB condo and were extremely satisfied with the whole experience. Chris is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and sold our property quickly and at a higher price than comparable units in the same building.

    Short URL:
  • Lorie Stubbs

    Chris is very knowledgeable about the PCB condo market and managed the recent sale of my condo with great professionalism. He was extremely diligent in immediately screening potential buyers to ensure they were qualified so as to not waste my time with unqualified offers and uncommitted buyers. I live out of state and the entire process was handled by telephone and internet very easily. Chris was always available to provide information, but there was no pressure on me as the seller to accept any terms not in my best interest. All involved in the closing were amazingly competent, efficient, immediately accessible, and polite. Perhaps the nicest surprise is that Chris has continued to be helpful and responsive though my closing was completed months ago.

    Short URL:

    After years of visiting PC Beach and watching the condo market we decided the time was right to make a purchase. I found Chris

    Short URL:
  • Lance Chernow

    After a five year search for a vacation home on the Gulf Coast we were fortunate enough to affiliate with Chris Arnold. Chris made the time to listen to our goals and then narrowed his recommendations to only those properties that would meet or exceed our expectations. Once we selected a condo unit to purchase Chris handled all aspects of a difficult short-sale negotiating with both the bank and seller. My wife and I greatly appreciated Chris' expertise and professionalism during the purchase and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy in Panama City

    Short URL:
  • Phil Wolfe

    I would like to highly recommend Chris Arnold for any real estate transaction on the gulf coast. His sales approach is based upon no nonsense factual analysis of available properties. Chris is a no pressure sales person. He has confidence in his ability to find the right property for his clients, which he did for me. When I met Chris, I told him what I was looking for in a property. During the search, he did not waste my time showing me properties that he knew I would not be interested in, even though I would inquire about them. He would remind me of the parameters I had laid out previously, and gave clear explanations why this property was unacceptable. The property he recommended was exactly what I was looking for at the right price point.
    He oversaw the entire process from start to finish with confidence and professionalism. He counseled me to possible issues during the closing process, thus making the entire process a seamless and quick transaction.
    Thanks again Chris, it was a pleasure working with you.
    Phil Wolfe

    Short URL:


    Short URL:
  • Debbie

    Let me just start off by saying i am a very high maintenance client, but Chris was always there to answer questions and to hold my hand thru out the process of selling my condos, one of which was not even on the market. He had my 3 br listed and called to ask if i would be interested in selling my 2br located in the same complex. Long story short, he sold both condos within a month for more than the previous sales, the 3br within 4,000 of asking price, which was 23,000 over the last 3br sale in the complex. Great agent, great negotiator great friend! Look forward to more deals in the future, thanks Chris

    Short URL:
  • Jerry Underhill

    The "Art of the Sale" is in the know-how of your Realtor. My experience in working with Chris Arnold for the past several years is that he has a thorough knowledge about the market and every condo or home up and down the beach. Not only does he know about each condo development, but he knows their floor plans, resort amenities and sales trends. He makes it his business, every day, to be abreast of PCB market trends and activities. During the past year he sold one of our 2300 square foot units in Tidewater Beach at $396,000 when another unit had just sold at $360,000. He sold one of our Splash 1702 square foot units at $328,000 when another like-kind of unit went for $300,000. I like the fact that he has moved the market up versus tearing it down with low offer sales. Call Chris if you want a Realtor that works early to late.

    Short URL:
  • Kay Moore-Davis

    Chris Arnold is on the TOP OF THE LIST of real estate people in the state of Florida. Being a single female, wanting to buy in Florida can be no only a scary but risky event. Chris worked with me for a year and a half before WE found the perfect place. He worked in my behalf the whole way. I couldn't have asked for a better agent. I am now in my beautiful condo and loving it. The real estate field needs more agents like Chris. If you want to come to Florida and buy be sure to call Chris to get your best buy for the dollar.
    Thanks Chris

    Short URL:
  • Dennis Cipcich

    Chris is a very knowledgeable and professional realtor. From the time I made the decision to sell to closing was around 2 months in a very poor market. The price obtained has proven to be way more than what would have been expected in this market. From agreement to sell/purchase to final closing, everything went smoothly and stress was non- existent.

    Short URL:
  • Karan Ankney

    Chris, we wanted to say THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING!!! You are a great realtor and we would recommend you to anyone. We were very impressed with the knowledge off all the condo buildings in Panama City Beach, which helped us tremendously. We also liked your non salesman approach - we would never have worked with someone who pressured us - you never did. Thank you from the bottom of our heart - you did an awesome job!!! We LOVE our condo!!

    Short URL:
  • Linda Dupree

    Chris Arnold is a realtor that is aggressive, available and was easy to contact when I had a question or comment. He knows the market well, made the sale of my condo on Panama City Beach an easy experience. Thank you Chris

    Short URL:
  • Phil Blom

    Chris is a very thorough, focused agent and makes it happen. His advice is accurate and is a very well rounded agent in the community. I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate.

    Short URL:
  • Grace

    You're great. Thank you for helping us buy that condo. You make things happen ... and fast. We would also like to thank you for the after sales help you extended to us. More power to you. God bless!

    Short URL:
  • Trae Fite

    My wife and I just want to say thank you for selling our condo so quickly. In this market, you never how long something will stay on the market. However, your knowledge of pricing to move properties proved invaluable. Closing was seamless, and we couldn't have asked for more. Thanks again!

    Short URL:
  • Kim Wilbanks

    We have worked with Chris now on two separate occasions. The first was a couple of years ago when we bought our first condo, and just recently when we sold our condo. Chris' knowledge of the industry and market is second to none. He made the selling process for us as easy as the buying process. Thanks Chris!

    Short URL:
  • Kathy Heinl

    Chris was a wonderful agent in our short sale. He dealt with Suntrust through the entire transaction, which was not an easy task by the way. Everything went smoothly even if Suntrust drug their feet most of the time. I would highly recommend Chris for your next transaction (and mine in the future) Go Chris!!!

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  • Elaine

    A word of thanks for the excellent and extensive work you did to close my Panama City Beach condo. In the past when you sold my condos I was amazed at your abilities. And, being a realtor myself, I understand the time and commitment necessary for such success. This transaction, which made it necessary to deal with two banks, one for the first and one for the second mortgage, was handled with amazing expertise. When they delayed and made mistakes with figures, your respectful and constant communication with their staff saved the day. I know your success comes from the extensive hours put into handling many previous short sale transactions. I at times felt my condo transaction had absolutely no chance of closing. But, your personal encouragement kept me thinking positively. I can't thank you enough.

    Short URL:
  • Carol Taylor

    In January 2010 I knew I wanted to sell my house and buy a condo but knew next to nothing about how to do either. Chris Arnold guided me through the process with the utmost professionalism and attention. He was available at a moments notice to answer questions, schedule showings, and explain processes. His expertise and knowledge of the industry lead the way to my house being sold in 3 months for an amount well above what I anticipated. He successfully closed a short sale on a condo at Marina Landing that was at the lower end of my budget and assisted with several matters that made the transition from house to condo seamless and worry-free. I highly recommend Chris for any real estate endeavors.

    Short URL:
  • Ghodrat Javaherian

    Chris was the main reason we purchased our condo in Panama City. His advice and expertise were with us very step of the way. Has he not initially listened to our needs and astutely picked up on what might possibly interest us, we probably would have dropped this retirement dream right away. He was willing to come show us what was available at odd hours, and to join our family for meals out to be able to talk over what we has seen, and although he was never ever pushy about any aspect of our condo hunting and ultimate purchase, he offered sound advice when we asked for it. He is honest, straightforward and maintains his professionalism even while supping the personal touch necessary to keep buyer interested and help them finalize a purchase. As I said, every step of the way, he was extremely helpful and kind. He had already effected a sale, and yet when we asked him (from 400 miles away) to measure dimensions for drapes and again, the height of the bar area in the condo we already bought, he gladly came to our assistance. And on still another occasion, when I arrived late to the condo to complete the condo with furnishings, exhausted after a long trip, only to find out I was in the dark with no electricity until morning, guess who came to may assistance, without my having to ask? Chris appeared with a flashlight and help me to get the light turned on from building main breakers. This goes beyond the call of duty, in my opinion. Mr. Chris Arnold is not only an excellent realtor, but is also a stellar individual and someone my family and I are very happy and honored to call a true "friend."

    Short URL:
  • Lawanda K. Collins

    Thanks Chris for helping us locate and close on our dream beach condo in two months!

    William and I decided it was time to take a pre-step to retirement and locate a second home on the beach, which was always our dream. William started researching condo sales and located this website. He found it to be extremely informative even down to details about Kaba locks. We scheduled an appointment with Chris and off we went one weekend viewing about 20 condos up and down Panama City Beach. After a few condo stops, Chris had a good understanding of what we were looking for, what we liked, and a good idea of where we really needed to focus our viewing at. He was right; we loved the condo and was able to meet our specs of a corner unit, ample closet space, good working size kitchen, etc. The unit was a short sale and he was able to assist in the negotiating and tracking it through the system and was able to close on it two months at a great value for us. An added note is prior to closing, we had a minor repair that was required. Chris followed through and even got the job to be redone to meet his specifications of quality, which he knew would meet ours. This saved a delay in walk-through and closing.

    As you review the website and then talk or meet with Chris, you will understand his wealth of information and knowledge of real estate sales, taxes, amenities, short-sales, foreclosures, etc. We highly recommend Chris and foresee using him as our agent again in the future.

    William and Lawanda

    Short URL:
  • Bruce Van Derven

    Eric is, on the soup to nuts scale, the nuts. He is patient, has an excellent sense of humor and perspective, and is incredibly adept at working with "high maintenance" clients. We spent over a year looking...and looking...and looking...and found something....only to have the deal fall through......but Eric hung in there with us until we found the perfect property. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM to you....he's a prince. B. Van Derven

    Short URL:
  • Dan Forsman

    I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your expertise, knowledge and experience made our transaction a real joy. From someone who manages one of the largest real estate firms in Georgia, I knew after meeting you that I was in the hands of an experienced real estate professional. I truly feel like we got an exceptional value with little hassle or drama. Thank you so much for making my experience outstanding!
    Thank you.

    Short URL:
  • Brian P

    Chris is the Best Realtor I've Ever Had!!
    After struggling to sale my investment condo and on the brink of bank foreclosure I enlisted Chris' help. His sheer determination to help me sale my condo is why it finally sold after nearly a year and a half of being in this ridiculously tough, condo saturated, Panama City Beach market!
    Regardless of the obstacles that the bank holding the lien threw at him he stayed the course and reassured me that he would see it through. Because I'm so used to mediocre realtors (at best) I fully expected Chris to give up on the whole deal due to frustration. I know I would have but he never did. Chris has reminded me what true customer service looks like! He even went so far as to pay some incidental fees for me out of his own pocket so my sale would not be delayed any longer while waiting for my check to arrive. If you want the "real thing" helping you to sell or buy your next property. Chris is your man! Thanks Chris!

    Short URL:
  • Hank Lock

    Chris, you helped us with the purchase of our fractional property. Your suggestions were welcome and were "a direct hit on the target". With your guidance we were able to make the purchase efficiently, effective with the bottom line being the best price when compared to other properties under consideration. For all who read this and need the assistance of a real estate expert - CHRIS IS YOUR MAN!!

    Short URL:
  • Curt & Zena Clements

    One in a Million!
    Wow! That's one of the things we can say about Chris. His incredible wealth of knowledge was amazing. He seemed to know everything about every single condominium complex in PCB! He was easy to speak with, and always had the information we were looking for....Chris, along with Dana Dunnigan, put together a complete portfolio for us to examine....set up financing, and continuously worked on making our dreams come true. I truly believe there is no other team that could have done what they did, in the time they did it! It is because of them, we own an amazing condo in Panama City Beach!

    Short URL:
  • Jerry Underhill

    Gone In 60 Seconds!
    Actually, our condo didn't sell in 60 Seconds, but it did sell quickly based on the tactical plan Chris developed to move our property. My partner and I settled on Chris as our realtor for several reasons. His website gets first page recognition on Google when you search Panama City Beach for anything. His web content is stellar, topical, instructive and data-based. He has a fresh, fact-based approach for getting you to the best decision for buying or selling your residence. These are the kind of detail and the kinds of data points that create interest for other buyers and or sellers for the Panama City Beach Market. We own several condos in the Panama City Beach Market and are extremely happy with the fast results we achieved through Chris

    Short URL:
  • J. Curl

    Great Real Estate Agent
    Chris Arnold is a great real estate agent. He knows the Florida PCB condo market very well. He asked me my goals and worked to keep me on tract. He knows every condo complex in PCB including the amenities of each one. He also worked hard with the finance company to ensure we closed on time. Thank you Chris for your hard work.

    Short URL:
  • Sam Earley

    Chris is a Legend
    I recently purchased a condo in PCB with the immense help of Chris Arnold. He is one of the most knowledgeable agents I have ever met, (I hold a GA real estate license) who gave candid and extremely helpful advice that was essential in securing the condo of my dreams. Chris has an eye for value and saved my family thousands of dollars that would have been spent not having such a skilled agent. Chris guided us through the entire process and made the process smooth for my family every step of the way. Thanks again Chris. We will send all our friends and family your way!!

    Short URL:
  • Sondra Hruby

    A dream come true
    I was directed to Chris through his fabulous website. But I first had another realtor in the PCB area that I was most DIS-satisfied with. When I hooked up with Chris, I felt immediate relief because of his knowledge of the PCB area. I was looking to purchase a condo mostly for rental purposes but to use if I wanted. He helped to make me aware of condo units to stay away from and those to take seriously. He knew my wishes and my price range but was not afraid to go after something better for hope of negotiation. After meeting with Chris and looking around, I went back to Chicago to think. He told me to make no quick decisions (not something you usually hear from a Realtor). Chris then hurt his back when I was going to return to PCB to look at a few different condo's and make a final decision. He could not meet me because of the back pain but sent the most lovely woman (Trudy) to cover for him while he lay in bed in agony. Between the two (Trudy doing the leg work and holding my hand and Chris by way of telephone) I bought a condo and closed within two weeks of date of contract. I could not imagine using anyone else if I decide to buy another condo in the lovely PCB. Chris you are very attuned to the area and I appreciated your expertise and knowledge. Hope the back gets better soon.

    Short URL:
  • victoria patrinely

    business owner
    Chris made the whole condo selling experience easy. I have to say I took a BIG hit because of the times we are in but with his guidance, expertise, and knowledge I actually walked away from the table feeling as though I had won the lottery!
    Thank you Chris

    Short URL:
  • Tim Wilbanks

    My wife and I we're looking for a second home in the Destin area but decided to take a trip to PCB just to see if anything would work for us there. After looking around without an agent we had about decided that there was nothing there that gave us the laid back atmosphere that we were looking for. Luckily we found Chris and he gladly met with us and listened to what we were looking for. Within the same day he put us on a unit that more than exceeded our expectations. Chris was very professional to work with and made this whole experience very enjoyable. He handled everything for us so that we could enjoy the excitement of buying our second home.

    Short URL:
  • Gregg Tonkin

    With the recent price adjustments in the condo market in PCB, my wife and I thought we would look into the possibility of a purchase. We found Chris both through his web site and posts on the Pcbdaily.com. He impressed me with both his aggressiveness and knowledge of the local market up and down the beach. We explained to him what we were looking for and he laid out our options giving pluses and minus's of each location based upon what we were wanting. Together we decided on a certain complex, looked at a few units, and made a 1st choice then a 2nd choice we would settle for. Chris was not given very much latitude on what we were willing to pay so it was not an easy assignment on his part. Two and a half months later we closed on our condo at the price we wanted.
    Chris is certainly the best Buyers Agent I have ever come in contact with. I can truthfully say, if you are in the market for a condo in the PCB area, Chris is your guy!

    Short URL:
  • Dawn Lee

    Wouldn't Work With Anyone Other Than Eric Henderson
    Eric exceeded expectations in going out of his way to find us the perfect house. His knowledge of Real Estate is superb! I now know who to call for any of my Real Estate needs in The Panhandle! THANKS ERIC!

    Short URL:
  • Tom McAlpin

    Chris Is The BEST!
    Chris was awesome during our PCB condo buying experience. He helped us get what we wanted and (most importantly) for the best price possible. A true professional!!! Thanks, Chris. We look forward to working with you again when the time is right.

    Tom McAlpin

    Short URL:
  • Larry Tucker

    Highly recommended
    In April 2007, my wife and I visited Panama City Beach for the purpose of buying a condo. Because we live in Ohio, we were looking for a place that would have good rental value in the near term, and which would be a comfortable place to winter when we retire.
    It was our good fortune to find Chris to assist us in the process. He quickly narrowed down the field to the kind of units we would really be interested in, and did a marvelous job in concluding the negotiations and closing the sale. He has continued to assist us in many ways over the ensuing year, even though the real estate transaction concluded long ago.
    Chris is a true gentleman and an eminently capable real estate agent, in whom you can repose your total confidence. He has our deepest respect and gratitude, and we enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is considering making a purchase in Panama City Beach.

    Short URL:
  • Tommy Dollar

    Dollar Farm Products
    Eric made our condo buying a pleasure because of his knowledge of the area. He was very in tune with what we wanted and found us a very good deal as well. We will continue to use him in the future.

    Short URL:
  • Bruce Barlow

    Owner of BB Enterprises,LLC
    Chris Arnold is the most creative real estate person I have ever worked with. He has tremendous understanding of the Panama City condo market. Chris has helped me on several different situations in real estate in the Panama City area. If you want someone working for you, call Chris. I will assure you he will be an asset to you!

    Short URL:
  • Josh Hall

    Chris Arnold provides honest representation and good service. He is knowledgeable concerning the Panama City Area and the current climate regarding condo sales. I am in real estate and was always requesting information and Chris was quick to provide market data. We wanted to sell the condo and Chris explained to us our options on price if we wanted to sell or if we wanted to hold and wait. We were pleased with results. I recommend Chris for those investors and sellers that want straightforward information to make decisions regarding Panama City Beach property!

    Short URL:
  • Susie Burke

    Chris Arnold is a fantastic realtor! He knows the Panama City Beach area so well, he can recite the best (or absence of) facilities at each beach resort. Chris has taken the time to know each beach resort completely, which helps narrow the field of interest. He helped my family find just the right condo for our growing family, keeping in mind that we hoped to rent out our unit when we were not using it. The income we will receive from renting our unit will certainly help our tax situation (and may be yours?!), while also offsetting the cost of our condo. The best part is that our family will have a new "home at the beach" to enjoy when we have time to visit. Thank you Chris!

    Short URL:
  • Nabil Basta

    I came to know Chris for the first time when I saw an article written by him about the real estate market in panama city. I was not aware of his knowledge, and his negotiating skills. I remember putting a ridiculous offer on a two bedroom ocean front condo. Deep in my mind I knew the offer was very low and will be rejected. Few weeks later I owned the condo. I have to admit, Chris knowledge and his negotiating skills could not be matched. I would recommend Chris for anyone that is looking for a Condo in Panama City Florida. This is especially true if the buyer is from out of town. He will represent the buyer as if the buyer is with him. I live in Illinois and visited my Condo once on the closing date. I had no problem what so ever with the Condo. Thanks Chris.

    Short URL:
  • Brian Daniels

    Great service for international investors!

    Our condo purchase in PCB was very well facilitated by Chris. As Canadian buyers, we needed a lot of advice and guidance from Chris throughout the process and he went above and beyond to ensure our comfort level. Great wealth of information, comprehensive knowledge of the market, excellent website and listings, always available for even the smallest details and a great negotiator!

    Once again, thanks Chris for everything and hope to be dealing with you again soon.

    Short URL:
  • Paul Serdula

    Chris was great. His website was easy to use, and Chris was easy to get a hold of anytime. My wife and I recommend him for any real estate deals he really has his hand on the pulse of the market.

    Short URL:
  • Tim Stubgen

    Great improvement to the site Chris. This is very convenient for out of town investors like myself who want to keep in touch with opportunities or up coming developments in Panama City Beach.
    As for the services you provided us with, your testimonial above is bang on. The knowledge and advise you provided was the key component in making our investment wish a reality.

    Thanks and we hope to bring more business your way in the near future.

    Short URL:

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