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PreConstruction Condo Sales In Panama City Beach

There have been many recent news stories about preconstruction condos in Panama City Beach. While the condo market has made a nice recovery, it is a little premature to forecast another preconstruction boom.

PreConstruction Condo Sales In Panama City Beach 2020

Update 6/12/21:   We are now at prices where preconstruction number should have worked for developers.  Calypso is selling condos above 475 per square foot.  One of the remaining challenges for developers is financing construction.  I will have a new article soon.

Original Article: Three years after my 2017 Preconstruction Condo Sales in Panama City article, not much has changed. We are still years away from new preconstruction condo projects breaking ground in Panama City Beach. Recent sales include a Calypso 2 bedroom + bunk floor plan for $477,000, and a Palazzo 2 bedroom + bunk floor plan for $465,000. It will be quite some time before we see enough buyers willing to pay $570,000 for the same floor plan in a preconstruction project. That is roughly the price point needed for preconstruction to be profitable. I believe resale pricing needs to increase at least another 20% before we see any measurable preconstruction reservation and contract demand. It is also important to understand Calypso and Palazzo are on the west side of Panama City Beach.