August 2018 Market Update

Seven months into 2018 condo sales prices are up a staggering 11% this year. Sales are outpacing the prior year with volumes up 26% compared to the same period last year. This is all despite an inventory shortage for many individual floor plans. Much of the supply we are seeing is coming from the many preconstruction owners who have yet to see a complete recovery to their original purchase prices. Financing is loosening slightly, but still holding to strict lending requirements. Speculators and flippers are nowhere to be seen. These factors are contributing to the healthy condo market we are seeing in Panama City Beach.

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January 2018 Market Update

January 2018 Panama City Beach condo sales update

A Look Back At 2017 Condo Sales In Panama City Beach

2017 was a very healthy year for the Panama City Beach condo market. Sales volume was the biggest surprise with an increase of 40% year over year. An interesting phenomenon this year was a buyer finding their perfect condo, struggling to agree with the seller on a contract price, and watching it sell shortly after. Many buyers who did find their ideal condominium were pleasantly surprised later in the year. Several preferred floor plans had significant price increases this year, or have no available inventory. Strict financing requirements are still keeping speculators and flippers from entering this market.

Real Estate Market Updates, Panama City Beach condos for sale

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Calypso condominium sales history

Calypso history of sales

Updated 8/30/2017: As one of the most popular condo complexes in Panama City Beach, Calypso is known for its prime location near Pier Park. Since the real estate market began to rebound in 2011, Calypso has been able to command higher prices, and these units sell for more than similar floor plans in nearby buildings.

Calypso Condominium, Individual condo sales histories

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July 2017 Market Update

Panama City Beach condo sales update for July 2017

The Panama City Beach condo prices rose a healthy 2.3% the first half of this year compared to 2016. Despite the price increases, volume is up 29% compared to the same period last year. All signs point to a very healthy market.

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Condominium "no lend list"

If you are looking for a Panama City Beach condo, loan options may be different than you would expect for a secondary residence. I have written the following article, Condominium loans in Panama City Beach, to explain why. The article's main point is that qualified buyers who put at least 20% down can get a 5-year ARM or a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. As of February 2017, qualified buyers can expect to get a 5 year arm amortized over 30 years with a rate of roughly 4.5%.

Calypso Condominium, Panama City Beach condos for sale, Condo Financing, Shores of Panama

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